Welcome to the Philosophical Side of the Canvas

A painter is a philosopher in brush and color; a philosopher whose wisdom may never be deciphered, and most often at first glance, is usually veiled. A painter is someone whose wit (if they have one) is always a discovery waiting to be explored.  My art is a revelation of truth.  The truth that is the very fiber of the canvas and the very pigment of the color of Lance.

There is really neither beautiful style, nor beautiful drawing, nor beautiful color, there is but one sole beauty, that of the truth which is revealed.
— Auguste Rodin

To me art is only art when it has accomplished two things. Firstly, when it exposes the artist and secondly, when it enriches the viewer. When both of these experiences happen a seed is planted which has the potential for growth in both artist and viewer.  Many believe it is love that grows, however, it is the knowing that grows and love simply expands to contain it.  My hope is that you will get to know my art well enough to love it.   As the old adage goes, Let him who has eyes... let him see. Or perhaps it was 'ears' and 'hear', but to say 'you get the picture' would be an over use of a pun.

There is a line in one of my favorite songs written by my favorite songwriter that says, "look beyond the blink" in which she is encouraging you to look past the first glance, the good looks, the sexy eyes, and instead to the beauty of the inner person. There is that inner place in my paintings. It is my hope that my paintings touch you in such a way that they connect you with that same place in you. If through my paintings my inner person is revealed and your inner person is stirred then we share the success. 

Enjoy your time in my world as we each enjoy our time in HIS.



What is Sacred?

Of what is the Spirit made?

What is worth dying for?

What is worth Living for?
— Don Juan Demarco


Other Thoughts: 

1. I have a math question for you. (and of course it is a trick question)  

    " What is infinity plus one?" 

    The answer is found in Philipians 3:7-11 

2. Can anyone tell me what a "have" is and why I should Be?