Who is afraid of the Big and Bad?

This was a very fun painting to paint! However, there was a lot of serious thought and contemplation before I ever even picked up a brush. My thought process began as a desire to make a painting that was a tribute to First Responders (whether they be military or civilian). Allow me to give you some insight. Firstly, I wanted the background to spur your imagination and not be too distinct. Why race from the safety of the cool dark woods into the danger of the burning melting open, especially when you cannot see what is causing the danger? 

    Who is the big and the bad? Is it the one who is coming to the rescue or is it the danger that he is running headlong into?

    Why the wolf? If you know the wolf's pack habits it may make more sense.

    Why an abstract wolf? Every inch of solid muscle as hard as granite or marble with a fluid flow, focused and determined.

    When I first brought this painting to the gallery, someone walked into the gallery and said “Okay, that's random". They could not have been more mistaken. There is nothing random about this painting.

I only wanted to give you a few of the highlights of thought here in this blog post. I haven’t even mentioned the "wounded warrior" aspect of this painting.  (It seems that his wounded leg has not slowed him down a bit.)